Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We are loving our Swedish beauty residing in LA, Isabella Lindblom at the moment and you will too once you read the below catch up we had with her today! 

I feel most comfortable in… Nature
The first things I reach for in the mornings is…  The espresso machine
My ultimate fashion fantasy is… I don't really fantasize about fashion 
Growing up I used to think… I wanted to be a princess
But now I know… I hate being treated as one
The most exciting place right now is… My boyfriends house that we're reconstructing
I knew what I wanted to do when… I was 3 years old and got my first pony
My style influences are… Those who are not following any rules
To unwind after a hard day’s work I like to… Have a glass of wine, or two...
Right now, I’m listening to… Fleetwood Mac
My guilty pleasure is… Wine
Not many people know I… Beat everybody in arm wrestling just out of will power 
I always wanted to live… In peace
The best advice I was ever given was… Always to enjoy myself
My hometown is… The most beautiful little island on earth
And I love it because… All my best memories are from there 
One of my favourite jobs so far has been… A casual shoot in Malibu where i met my boyfriend
5 most important bedside objects: water, cell phone, phone charger, hand cream and a hair tie 
On a weekend off you will find me... You wont find me ;)
What do you see as the ultimate luxury in life?  Being able to do what you love, whatever that might be
My 3 current obsessions are... Interior design, building things out of wood and driving my car really fast
My latest present to myself was… A pair  of sunglasses from Giorgio Armani
My role model for the fashion industry would have to be…. Mary-Kate Olsen

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