Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just before the holiday break we thought we'd catch up with our boy Alejandro to see what he loves about life, work and living the LA dream... 

Where are you as you answer these questions? In my sweet home in front Santa Monica beach.

The first things I reach for in the morning are...  Coffee.

Growing up I used to think...  that I will dominate the world, become a rock star and buy an 
island for me, my friends and my gorgeous surfer girlfriend to live on.

The most exciting place right now is...  If I have to pick, I would say the little beach I used to live on last year in Indonesia... or Malibu when the waves get big.

I knew I wanted to model when... I was 17 years old at my first casting during fashion week in Madrid... and I saw all those beautiful women. 

My style influences are... Any rock and roll performer... if I must wear clothes at all. (Spanish mentality I guess..)

The last big present I bought for myself was… A surfboard!

To unwind after a hard day’s work I like to... Go straight to the beach with a beer, ride some waves and go back home to my LA family

Right now, I’m listening to... The Doors - Riders on the storm

My guilty pleasure is… Love 

Not many people know I... Was Blonde when I was a Baby

My home town is… Malaga (Spain)

But I’ve always wanted to live in... Los Angeles... Yes, Im living in my dream city

One of my favorite jobs so far has been... The last Bebe campaign, It was basically like 
have party but getting paid.. every time I see the billboards on the street I want to high-five god.

4 most important bedside objects:
- Mobile phone 
- My Guitars!
- Earphones
- Ashtray

On a weekend off you will find me… Surfing somewhere, writing songs at home, playing guitar on Santa Monica beach, chilling in some crazy party in Hollywood... Not necessarily in that order.

My 3 current obsessions are… Caffeine, surfing and music. Did I say caffeine already?

The thing that still surprises me is… How beautiful the sky is over the beaches here. 

My favorite designer would have to be… Calvin Klein. It's smart, sexy & fun

The model I’d kill to work alongside with is…  Easy. Lana del Rey. Technically she's a model & I'm going to be the man-version of her... but prettier. And Lana, if you're reading this; ask my booker at TWO for my number!