Thursday, November 7, 2013



You learn a new thing everyday, especially when you catch up with our girl Meredith Hennessey...

Not many people know… I've wasted countless hours of my life on video games. Whoops
Greatest travel adventure… Bangkok, Thailand. If you havent' been you need to go, its amazing. The Hangover 2 does it no justice.

Most exciting place right now is… Hollywood, obviously.
My favorite beauty secret… Roll out of bed and leave my hair exactly how it is.
I knew what I wanted to be when… I got my first modeling job. I have never felt so amazing than at that moment and I knew I never wanted it to end.
My style influences are…I might as well be getting dressed in the dark because I have no idea what I'm doing when I get dressed in the morning, therefore my style is really different everyday. If you would even call it style.
When I wake up the first thing I grab for is… my glasses...... I'm blind.
Right now, I’m obsessed with… My very first apartment! Which I share with my amazing roommate and fellow TWO girl Madison Borbely.

Growing up I used to think…That I could point at things and say "This?" when I wanted something.
But now I know… It takes a hell of a lot of work and determination to truly get what you want.

I always wanted to be… A Pokemon Master
I’m shocked by… All of the amazing people I have met who want to help me become the best possible person for myself and for my career.
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